A Place for Christian Contemplatives

The Order of St. Patrick was originally founded in 1979 in Northeastern Kansas as the Order of St. John by Rev. Dr. Randy L. Scraper. In 2015, the name and focus were changed in Oklahoma by Rev. Dr. Scraper, and his son, Rev. Dr. Matthew B. Scraper, both ordained Elders in the United Methodist Church. The Scrapers founded the Order as an ecumenical fellowship for Christian clergy and lay contemplatives, who wish to dedicate themselves to a secularly cloistered monastic life.

Members of the Order commit themselves to a life of contemplation, and service, and to the teaching of Christian spiritual formation as directed by the Rule for Life of the Order.

Members of the Order meet semi-annually for spiritual retreats. Although the Pentecost (Spring) retreat is open only to full members and novitiates, the Allhallowtide (Autumn) retreat is open to guests and interested visitors. More information about activities and opportunities to participate in the life of the Order can be found on our Facebook page.

Spiritual Formation

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Rule #1: Our Guide is Christ. We shall seek to be formed in His image. This rule serves as the foundation for all of our rules. 


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Rule #2: We shall pray daily. Morning (laud), noon (sext), evening (vespers), and night (compline) prayers shall be offered by each member of the Order.


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Rule #7: We shall bring light to the darkness as God has gifted us. We are committed to bringing light into the dark places of life in this world. The light is the light of God as seen in Christ and revealed in the Holy Scriptures. .

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