About our Order

DadThe Order of St. Patrick was originally founded in 1979 in Northeastern Kansas as the Order of St. John by The Rev. Dr. Randy L. Scraper. In 2015, the name and focus were changed in Oklahoma by The Rev. Dr. Scraper, and his son, The Rev. Dr. Matthew B. Scraper, both ordained Elders in the United Methodist Church. The Scrapers, themselves direct descendants of the first clan chief of the Scottish Clan Gregor, founded the Order as an ecumenical fellowship for clergy and lay contemplativesMatt - 2016, who wish to pursue a life of scriptural holiness in the Celtic Christian tradition. The Order is dedicated to the teaching of spiritual growth according to the Wesleyan Christian tradition.

Members of the Order commit themselves to a life of spiritual growth and ordained service or lay contemplation as directed by the Rules of the Order. Consequently, members of the Order meet semi-annually for spiritual retreats that also function as spiritual growth focused continuing education events. Though led by members of the Order, all spiritual retreats are open to guests and interested visitors.

Ordained members of the order may choose to wear the clergy collar, as a visible symbol of their commitment to serve God by bringing the light of Christ into the darkness of the world, as a continuous reminder of the call to humility and service, and as a means to make their willingness to serve easily identifiable to those in need.

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