An Explanation of the Rules of our Order

Rule #1: Our Guide is Christ. We shall seek to be formed in His image. This rule serves as the foundation for all of our rules. The purpose of our Order is to help people who are truly seeking to be formed in the image of Christ. We believe that Christ reveals the truth of God to all generations of all cultures. Those who are formed in image of Christ are those who continue to live out the revelation of God in Christ Jesus.

Rule #2: We shall pray daily. Morning (laud), noon (sext), evening (vespers), and night (compline) prayers shall be offered by each member of the Order. Prayer is the foundational activity of our Order. The practice of prayer helps to establish us as seekers of the way of Christ. Prayer is our means of communicating with God. We believe that prayer often opens us to the power of the Holy Spirit through whose presence we gain the strength to grow into the image of Christ. Morning, noon, and evening prayers are the initial foundation for what our Order hopes will be a growing and meaningful prayer life. This rule is a minimal requirement for prayer. The Order encourages great growth in the life of prayer through the exercise of all types of Christian prayer. The Order considers prayer our privilege in communicating with God and professes that prayer is one of the primary disciplines of our spiritual formation.

Rule #3: Our cloister is our local church.   Each member shall actively participate in the positive development of the local church to which they belong. Our local church is the place to which we go for strength and support to continue our everlasting journey through life. Our commitment to the positive development of our local church is a commitment to participate in the life of our local church in such a way that it becomes a stronger and more supportive community of faith. We are committed to participating in our local church by sharing freely of the gifts God has entrusted to us according to the needs represented in our local church.

Rule #4: We shall be faithful stewards. We shall give of our time, talents, gifts, and service for the betterment of God’s kingdom.  Our stewardship of the good gifts that God has entrusted to us for a time is the expression of our Christian ministry as it relates to created things. The way in which we invest our time, talents, gifts, and service relates directly to our understanding of the Christian faith and to God’s calling upon our lives. Our Christian stewardship includes the wise care of all that God has entrusted to us in other people and our world around us. We encourage all members of the Order to seek diligently to be faithful to our calling to Christian stewardship as we discover and practice ways of increasing the quality of life for all of God’s creation.

Rule #5: Our service is our gratitude. We shall seek each day to perform a service for the betterment of God’s kingdom that is motivated by our genuine gratitude for God’s love. We believe that our service is our expression of our gratitude to God for the love God expresses toward us. Our service is a way of giving in the same manner that God has given to us. We encourage all members of the Order to give their service without human expectation of return while trusting that all service is received as given unto God. We believe that such service rendered as unto God will be acceptable unto God and blessed for being so. That blessing may never return to the person who shared the service, but it will be shared by all the benefactors of God’s love. Each day, each member of our Order shall seek to perform at least one act of service that flows from that member’s genuine gratitude for God’s love. We encourage service that will enhance the Kingdom of God and raise the quality of life for those who are the benefactors of the service rendered.

Rule #6: We shall read from the Bible daily. We shall open ourselves to the Holy Scriptures to be formed in the image of Christ. Through inspired and informed study and meditation we shall seek such Christian formation. We believe that the Bible is the Holy Scripture of the Christian faith. As such it contains the revelation of God as Truth. We encourage each member of the Order to make a life-long search of the Holy Scriptures for the truth and wisdom that will help form each of us in the image of Christ. Daily reading of the Bible is the beginning of such a search.

Rule #7: We shall bring light to the darkness as God has gifted us. We are committed to bringing light into the dark places of life in this world. The light is the light of God as seen in Christ and revealed in the Holy Scriptures. The darkness is any place where the light is needed. Each of us is gifted in various ways according to the marvelous wisdom of God. We believe that the best Christian investment of our giftedness is found in the purpose of bringing the light into the darkness. Our hope is to be so involved in true Christian spiritual formation that in that time of final judgment our Master will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant” to us and because we have lived, to many others as well.

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