The Soul Plaint
O JESU! to-night,

Thou Shepherd of the poor,

Thou sinless person

Who didst suffer full sore,

By ban of the wicked,

And wast crucified.

Save me from evil,

Save me from harm,

Save Thou my body,

Sanctify me to-night,

O Jesu! to-night,

Nor leave me.

Endow me with strength,

Thou Herdsman of might.

Guide me aright,

Guide me in Thy strength,

O Jesu! in Thy strength

Preserve me.

Evening Scripture
Gospel Reading from the Daily Lectionary

Silent meditations on the scripture.

Prayers of Intercession
Silent Prayers of Intercession on behalf of Creation.

The Lord’s Prayer


I AM placing my soul and my body

On Thy sanctuary this night, O God,

On Thy sanctuary, O Jesus Christ,

On Thy sanctuary, O Spirit of perfect truth,

     The Three who would defend my cause,

     Nor turn Their backs upon me.

Thou, Father, who art kind and just,

Thou, Son, who didst overcome death,

Thou, Holy Spirit of power,

Be keeping me this night from harm;

     The Three who would justify me

     Keeping me this night and always.

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