Call to Praise and Prayer
O JESU without sin,

King of the poor,

Who wert sorely subdued

Under ban of the wicked,

Shield Thou me this night

     From Judas.

My soul on Thine own arm, O Christ,

Thou the King of the City of Heaven,

Thou it was who bought’st my soul, O Jesu,

     Thou it was who didst sacrifice Thy life for me.

Protect Thou me because of my sorrow,

For the sake of Thy passion, Thy wounds, and Thine own blood,

And take me in safety to-night

     Near to the City of God.

Prayers of Confession
Silent Prayers of Confession.

Sleep Consecration
I LIE down to-night

With fair Mary and with her Son,

With pure-white Michael,

And with Bride beneath her mantle.

I lie down with God,

And God will lie down with me,

I will not lie down with Satan,

Nor shall Satan lie down with me.

O God of the poor,

Help me this night,

Omit me not entirely

From Thy treasure-house.

For the many wounds

That I inflicted on Thee,

I cannot this night

Enumerate them.

Thou King of the blood of truth,

Do not forget me in Thy dwelling-place,

Do not exact from me for my transgressions,

Do not omit me in Thine ingathering.

     In Thine ingathering.

The Lord’s Prayer

THANKS to Thee, God,

Who brought’st me from yesterday

To the beginning of to-day,

Everlasting joy

To earn for my soul

With good intent.

And for every gift of peace

Thou bestowest on me,

My thoughts, my words,

My deeds, my desires

I dedicate to Thee.

I supplicate Thee,

I beseech Thee,

To keep me from offence,

And to shield me to-night,

For the sake of Thy wounds

With Thine offering of grace.

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