Our Crest

Courtesy of graphic artist Greg Scraper, the symbolism within the crest is described below. Thanks so much to Greg for so accurately capturing the ethos of our Order.

cropped-osp_coatofarms_rgb.pngThe Latin phrase within the crest, “Circumflectere Cursus Ponere,” translates to “Steering a compass course.” The phrase is a direct reference to a quote from Evelyn Underhill’s 1910 work titled “Mysticism,” one of our Novitiate curriculum texts.

“I incorporated the prayer caim and celtic cross, and created a shield shape for the coat of arms. I modified the ends of the cross to points on a map compass, to reference the phrase. I incorporated the green as a St. Patrick reference, and there are 4 levels moving from the outer cross, representing the 4 levels of membership – the cross is Novitiate, the green circle is Lay, the prayer caim is Clergy, and the inner green circle is for the Teaching Faculty.

I created the celtic pattern on the cross as a stroke, so it can be any length if you need it for other things. It’s a simpler pattern than the cross you sent me, but I liked the hearts hidden in it (I am calling it the infinity heart pattern, representative of God’s infinite love).”

~ Graphic Artist Greg Scraper

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