Our Habit

The Habit of the Order of St. Patrick consists of a white alb and brown belt for Novitiates. The Habit for Full Members consists of a white alb, tartan cowl, and brown belt. The alb and belt can be ordered individually from any number of vendors. The cowl is custom made by a member of the Order, and can be ordered below. OSP tartan stoles are also available. Order either by clicking on the links below.

OSP Tartan Stole

$209.00 plus taxes and shipping.
Made from 10 oz. fabric and embroidered with the Order of St. Patrick Cross.

OSP Tartan Cowl

Measured from the shoulder to mid-calf:

39 Inches or less: $189.00
40 – 56 Inches: $221.00
57 Inches or above: $252.00

Taxes and shipping additional.
Made from 10 oz. fabric, this cowl is a custom design made by a member of the Order.

You will be contacted to arrange payment within 3 business days of submitting your order.

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