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A Chapter Well-Written

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I am always reading 2-3 books at one time; usually 1-2 non-fiction books and a good solid work of fiction. At present, my non-fiction reading list includes the complete works of Plato, and one of his successors, a man by the name of Plotinus. Because I like toContinue reading “A Chapter Well-Written”

On Different Pages

There is a story about a young boy named Tommy who only had one good eye. One morning as he left for school, Tommy’s grandmother gave him a dollar and asked him to go buy a loaf of bread on his way home. Realizing that he had a test that day, Tommy decided to stopContinue reading “On Different Pages”

Mr. Holland’s Opus

“Readiness for followers of Christ is obedience honed to the highest level of responsiveness. Like a symphony orchestra well rehearsed, perfectly tuned, and with all eyes on the conductor’s baton, followers of Christ should be poised to respond to his slightest word or sign.” ~ Os Guinness In 1995, MGM studios released a movie starringContinue reading “Mr. Holland’s Opus”

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