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Uplifting devotions for the contemplative life.

On Different Pages

There is a story about a young boy named Tommy who only had one good eye. One morning as he left for school, Tommy’s grandmother gave him a dollar and asked him to go buy a loaf of bread on his way home. Realizing that he had a test that day, Tommy decided to stopContinue reading “On Different Pages”

What a Pitcher!

There is a song by Kenny Rogers about a young boy who walks outside one day with his ball and bat. When he finds the right spot in the open field near his home, he takes the ball and holds it out in front of him. Just before he throws it up into the airContinue reading “What a Pitcher!”

Aged to Perfection

“It takes a long time to grow old friends.” Unknown Life takes time.  As I stepped through the low-hanging doorway, the smell of aged bourbon barrels combined with old wood wafted toward me, carrying a scent that is unique to the Kentucky hills. Knowing that I have a bit of a fascination both with theContinue reading “Aged to Perfection”

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